Conference papers

Pompeu Fabra University

Electoral systems, undergraduate course, fall term 2015 (in English)

Getting Started with Political Research, graduate course, spring terms 2013-2015 (in English)

Techniques of Statistical Analysis I, graduate course, fall terms 2012-2015 (in English)

Research Tools, PhD course, fall terms 2012-2015 (in English)

Political Attitudes and Democracy, graduate course, spring term 2012 (in English)

Data analysis, undergraduate course, spring terms 2011-2015 (in Spanish)

Comparative political institutions, graduate course, spring term 2011 (in English)

Introduction to statistics, graduate course, fall terms 2010, 2011 (in English)

University of Zurich

Elections and political representation, undergraduate course, spring terms 2009, 2010 (in German)

Quantitative analysis, graduate course, University of Zurich and ETH Zurich, spring term 2009, with Daniel Bochsler and Markus Stierli (in English)

Value change in Switzerland, graduate seminar, 2008–2009, with Marc Helbling and Katayoun Safi (in German)

Introduction to comparative politics, undergraduate course, fall term 2008 (in German)

Comparative analysis of electoral systems and party systems, graduate seminar, 2005–2006, with Hanspeter Kriesi and Peter Selb (in German)

Political consequences of social capital, graduate seminar, 2004–2005, with Hanspeter Kriesi and Michelle Beyeler (in German)

Political psychology, undergraduate course, summer term 2004 (in German)

2003 Swiss federal elections, graduate seminar, 2003–2004, with Hanspeter Kriesi and Peter Selb (in German)

Introduction to electoral research, undergraduate course, summer term 2003 (in German)

National political change in “borderless” spaces, graduate seminar, 2002–2003, with Hanspeter Kriesi (in German)

University of Geneva

The transformation of party systems in Western Europe, undergraduate seminar, summer term 2002 (in French)

Consensual and majoritarian democracies: extensions, applications and critiques of Lijphart’s model, undergraduate seminar, summer term 2002 (in French)

Political cleavages and voting behaviour, undergraduate seminar, 2001–2002 (in French)